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Thanks for visiting! My name is Jon Steiger, and I have been a real estate agent and broker in the Western New York area for nearly 25 years. Virtual tours have been on my radar for quite some time - my initial interest was to be able to offer them on my own listings, however they were always too costly to justify except for high end homes with large price tags. (After I began researching the subject, I realized that given the considerable expense and time required by a photographer to generate and host a virtual tour, the pricing actually isn't unreasonable, however that doesn't make it any easier for real estate agents to write that check!)

After considerable research and experimentation I was able to combine recent developments in panoramic photography technology with my experience in computer science, engineering/fabrication and webhosting to build a system and workflow that allows me to create virtual tours at a much more attractive price point than is possible using traditional techniques. Rather than hoard all of this goodness for myself, I have decided to offer virtual tours to local Realtors®, property managers, AirBNB hosts and businesses.

I was originally planning to wait to announce the availability of these tours until I had a chance to get this web site built out and a few other pieces lined up, however with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the governor of New York completely shutting down all face-to-face real estate transactions, its obvious that this is a perfect scenario for virtual tours and I did not want to delay the availability of this pertinent and valuable service to my fellow Realtors®.

Introductory COVID-19 Pricing For Real Estate Agents:

In order to help my fellow real estate professionals regain some semblance of their business during the COVID-19 lock down, I am offering special introductory pricing. Anyone familiar with virtual tours will recognize just how inexpensive these rates are and - full disclosure - I have no idea how long I will be able to maintain this pricing. It will depend on demand, my workload and expenses, but I want to offer as many agents as possible the ability to obtain virtual tours for their listings, which will allow customers and clients the next best thing to physically being able to walk through the home.

As a Realtor® myself, I know that cash can be tight as you are waiting for that commission check to arrive, so I am I am offering a special option just for real estate agents/brokers. The most economical overall option is to simply pay for the tour in full, however I also offer the option to pay a deposit to get the tour created, then you can pay the remainder once the home is sold and you have received your commission. This will allow you to get the tour created right away, and you don't need to worry about paying for it until you have the proceeds from the sale.

Option One
(Full pay)

Cost is $0.10/sqft

Paid in full at time of tour creation.

Example pricing for a 1500sqft home:

1500sqft x $0.10 = $150.00
(Entire $150.00 payment due when tour is created.)
Option Two
(Deposit with balance at closing)

Cost is $0.15/sqft

$49.95 deposit at time of tour creation, with remainder due after closing.

Example pricing for a 1500sqft home:

1500sqft x $0.15 = $225.00
($49.95 deposit due when tour is created, remainder of $175.05 at closing)

  • Square footage for determining tour price will be based on public records and/or MLS data. (Subject to adjustment in the event that records are incorrect.)

  • Tour includes hosting for as long as you have the listing, including renewals

  • Normally, the tour will include at least one scan of each room (including bathrooms and large walk-in closets), along with the basement and garage. I will also include outdoor areas around the house. To give the viewer the best overall experience, it is recommended that outbuildings such as barns also be included. Square footage of any outbuildings beyond a detached garage will be added to the overall square footage when determining tour cost. Any areas which you would not like to appear on the tour can easily be excluded.

  • Please note that the vast majority of my tours use invisible hotspots such that when navigating the tour, the user simply clicks on areas of the home where one would normally travel to get to another room (such as a door or hallway) because I feel that this gives the most realistic experience and helps the end user to feel more like they are actually in the home and forget that they are viewing a virtual tour. Whenever the user hovers their mouse pointer or scrolls their mobile device over an area that can be clicked, it will turn into a hand and pop up a tooltip that shows the user they can click there. If you would prefer that your tour uses a visible hotspot on the doors or floor, etc. that is easily accomodated!

  • This is an MLS compliant unbranded tour. If desired, a duplicate branded version can be created as well for an additional $25.

  • Tour will include a link to your listing on your local Board of Realtors® web site or realtor.com (your preference) as well as an interactive Google map. (A branded tour can include a link to your listing on your broker's web site if you prefer, a window with your head shot and contact information, as well as logos and contact info right on the tour itself.)

  • Payment can be made via check/money order or Paypal/Credit Card

  • I am based in Fredonia, NY. The prices listed above are valid for any listing in Chautauqua County as well as portions of western Cattaraugus County and southern Erie County. Locations requiring travel further than this may be subject to an additional mileage fee.

Scanning during COVID-19 FAQ

Are you able to scan and create virtual tours right now?
Yes! Based on guidance from the NYS Department of Economic Development, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed, we are able to scan and get your listing's virtual tour online right now.

Can you scan occupied homes?
Yes, we can scan occupied homes, however it would be best (not only for social distancing but the ease of workflow in scanning the home) if the occupants are able to temporarily vacate the premises while it is being scanned. The time required for the scan varies depending on the size of the home, but generally takes around an hour and a half to two hours.

What precautions are taken during the scan?
I normally do not need to touch much inside of the home, however it may be necessary to turn lights on and off, open doors, etc. We are keeping up to date with current recommendations in regards to equipment and best practices coming from the medical professionals who study this virus and all published precautions will be adhered to in order to ensure that no potential contamination enters or leaves the home.

How will you access the home?
The same as if I were an agent who wanted to show your listing. As a member of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Board of Realtors®, I can access your electronic lockbox via my bluetooth e-key or you can give me your manual lockbox code. If you do not have a lockbox in place, we would need to make other arrangements such as the home being left open or a key hidden on site. Having been in the real estate business for nearly 25 years, I am a known entity, bound by the National Association of Realtors® code of ethics as well as my professional obligations as a New York State licensed real estate broker so you and your seller client can rest assured that your listing will be in good hands while I am on site.

What is the turnaround time?
It will vary depending on demand and workload, however it is technically possible to have your tour published as soon as the same day or the day after the scan is completed! I will do everything in my power to get your tour online ASAP so that you can start getting exposure for your listing right away.

Virtual Tour Gallery

Please feel free to check out some of our tours below:

Edwards Waterhouse Inn
Bed & Breakfast in Fredonia

7605 Plank Road
Commercial building in Westfield

6666 Sherman-Westfield Road
A rustic getaway in Westfield

6 Holmes Place
Cute Cape Cod in Fredonia

44 Oneida Drive
Cozy condo with lake views in Chautauqua

7 Cayuga Drive
2 bedroom condo on the lake in Chautauqua

44 Shore Drive
Beautiful lakefront home in Chautauqua

3929 South Ralph Avenue
Brand new build with lake rights in Bemus Point

5301 East Lake Road, Unit 22
2 bedroom condo on the lake in Chautauqua

5392 Lake Avenue
Charming 1800s Victorian on the lake in Chautauqua

5670 Whiteside Parkway, Unit 2
2 bedroom condo on the lake in Chautauqua

2701 Shadyside Road
This 4 bedroom ranch in Findley Lake has panoramic views, an amazing interior and a gazebo plus dock right on the water

4406 West Lake Road, Unit 2
2 bedroom condo on the lake in Chautauqua

4452 Canterbury Drive
3 bedroom ranch in the Chautauqua Shores community

15 Elm Lane
3 bedroom split level inside Chautauqua Institution

101 Mina Edison Drive
A beautiful, modern 5 bedroom inside Chautauqua Institution

49 Linwood Avenue
Newly renovated 3 bedroom home in Jamestown, 1/2 mile from Allen Park

70 Elm Street
3 bedroom bungalow in Westfield

5660 Rivulet Avenue
2,100 sqft "cottage" on a creek in Bemus Point (also includes a walk down to the lake)

21 Kent Street
5 bedroom home in Westfield

Westminster Drive Lot
This small 3 panorama tour nicely shows the value of virtual tours for vacant land!

6 Westminster Drive
Take a walk around this beautiful home in West Ellicott!

2009 Open Range 337RLS
Take a walk around and inside this 5th wheel RV

135 Klondyke Rd
Log home in Sherman

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